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Allegan County is in many ways a mirror for our state.  We have a great mix of agriculture, lakeshore tourism and manufacturing driving our local economy.  We have some very wealthy citizens and some who suffer from persistent poverty.  Throughout this campaign I plan to talk honestly and openly about possible solutions to our challenges.   In addition, I want to really listen.  We all can learn from each other if we keep open minds.

Adapting to the new economic realities

Adapting to the new realities of the day will be critical to a prosperous future.

Climate change is here and now

Addressing climate change is necessary and can lead us to a better future if well planned and executed.


Agriculture and related industries are critical for Allegan County.  Our diversity of agricultural products produced is truly incredible and the income generated is absolutely vital for our economy.  While these farms are highly productive and vital, there are many challenges facing the industry which need to be addressed to ensure a prosperous future.  Michigan’s government should be a great supporter of these changes.

Education needs more money and less Lansing

Michigan should equitably fund all school districts and have some faith in our local leaders and teachers.


Gun regulation is a difficult issue for many people, including Mark.  Mark owns several guns, including hand guns and semi automatic rifles.  As a responsible gun owner I support some small changes in law that could help protect our rights and our lives.

Issue Summery, Thanks LWV

The League of Women Voters questionnaire is a great into to Mark's pragmatic approach to our problems. Click through for 6 great questions!

Reproductive rights

I believe abortion should be safe, legal and rare.  I believe  comprehensive health care should reduce the need for abortion.  As a feminist I believe women own their bodies and should make their own decisions.

Drinking Water

Drinking water contamination from our long history of industrial production is a serious problem.  Recent testing of wells in Otsego in response to the recently formed Justice for Otsego citizen group is just the latest example.   Public well testing standards need to be expanded to address emerging chemical threats and enforced.  Ageing city water systems must be rebuilt to modern standards.  Areas of known contamination need to publicised in order to let private well owners be aware of their need to test and treat their water.    

Health Care

About 30% of the money spent on the private health insurance system pays for the insurance company.  This absurdly inefficient system must be displaced by a new public option.  Michigan could lead the nation to such a future by developing our own single payer system, much like Saskatchewan lead the Canadians to their system.  Those unimpressed with the public system would be welcome to buy supplemental insurance to meet their needs.     

Auto Insurance

Our auto insurance system is expensive and poorly regulated.  Reform of laws needs to be paired with stronger oversight of the industry. 

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